Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moms That Eat Healthier Reduce Risk of Child Birth Defects

Most all females in the United States go through child birth at some time in their life. With the rising of obesity, being overweight, and eating unhealthily in the country, this could be a developing issue. More and more kids are being born autistic, having physical defects, or other mental defects… Why is this happening?
One main reason a lot of birth defects occur is from drug and alcohol consumption while the fetus is still developing. Many women still smoke, drink, and do other drugs while they’re pregnant with their child. The reason this can be a problem is because the fetus relies completely on the mother. Anything she consumes can be, and will be passed on to the child. As the child is developing, they can take in the toxins from cigarette smoke and alcoholic drinks.
Another problem with women eating poorly is the diet itself. Many pre-packaged, processed foods contain unnecessary fats, sugars, and unknown chemicals. Pretty much all modern pre-packaged foods are unhealthy, and can factor into birth defects.
I personally think women should treat pregnancy more seriously. You only have one chance to give birth and mother a child, so you might want to take it more seriously. Women should try to eat healthier and stay off alcohol and cigarettes, so that they can have a healthy child.

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