Monday, October 31, 2011

Hormones Can Lead To Diet Failure

                 Asking anyone who has tried to lose weight can tell you… It’s difficult. It’s not always lack of willpower that causes you to not be able to lose the weight. Sometimes, it’s your hormones. Research out of New England Journal of Medicine shows that your hormones that are related to appetite can trigger your body not to lose weight. In the study, 50 overweight and obese people went on a low-calorie diet for 10 weeks.
                  Ghrelin is the hormone that tells your body to eat. Leptin tells the body to stop eating. Evolutionarily speaking, these two hormones are supposed to stop people from becoming obese, but they have done just the opposite. Lots of people are lacking the hormone leptin and just continue to eat. Researchers are coming to an agreement that gaining weight is avoidable, but for most, it’s inevitable.
                  You can’t lose tons of weight by simply dieting alone. The main ingredient to a healthy weight is exercise. Most Americans (women in particular) think that if they follow a certain diet plan and take pills that artificially insert leptin into the body, that they will lose weight. This is not true. Eating healthy (lean meats, vegetables, and cutting back on carbs and sugars) and exercise can truly lead to a healthy weight. You can’t lose 10 pounds a week, and often times weight doesn’t define fitness. Losing fat is what you want to think in your mind, not losing weight. Fat can be visibly seen, weight cannot. Everyone weighs differently and the way your body carries weight can vary. Exercise alone or dieting alone cannot lead to success. You must combine to two to be successful. 

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