Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lawmakers Want To Reduce Food Ads To Children

Here comes another regulation, folks! Lawmakers at Energy and Commerce Committee at the House of Representatives are proposing a law that limits the amount and information in advertising for children. This includes ads on TV channels such as Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. The law says that companies can’t advertise extra salty, fatty, nasty foods for children under the age of 17. Statistics show that 17 percent of children of the ages of 2-17 are obese. That’s a growing number for people who should be outside playing and exercising… And eating healthily. The advertising companies spent $1.6 billion last year on food ads for kids! The proposal also says that food advertising will have no limits as long as they are healthy foods, such as yogurt or grapes. I feel that this all comes back to the parents. When kids see advertisements for Cookie Crisp on TV, they want the cereal. When they’re at the grocery store with their mom, the Cookie Crisp will end up in the cart… This is how kids are becoming obese. Also, characters such as Ronald McDonald are promoting unhealthy eating aimed towards children! Parents should be more aware of these things that gear kids to eat unhealthily. Once kids develop bad eating habits, they will continue to practice those bad habits throughout their life. Parents should pay more attention and recognize that characters like McDonald promote bad eating.


  1. Children love eating what every looks appealing, these ads are increasing day by day and hope this is good to reduce food ads. Advertising Proposal Template

  2. yes i agree with your suggestion because the children mind are divert to watch the TV adds. and the children are stamper to get it that they seen in TV adds. this is not good for children.
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