Friday, September 27, 2013

A Cure for Type II Diabetes: Veganism

While the title may be a bit misleading, for some sufferers of Type II Diabetes this diet may just be what the doctor ordered. Although it is doubtful that a doctor would order that since the majority of the time a doctor is interested in treating the disease or the symptoms rather than the patient.
With the common American's diet worse than ever with all of the cheap food we devour, rather it is in the drive thru or whipped up with some 73/27 ground beef, a little milk and the 2 flavor packets that come with our Hamburger Helper, which consists of salt, food coloring, and artificial flavors and colors, lets not forget the preservatives. and some barely passable pasta that has been hanging out in cardboard for over a year before it hits your frying pan. Is it a wonder why we are not the picture of health? I submit to you it is no wonder.
Eat em if you Got em Boys
We are intended to be hunter gatherers, we are neither now. We are biologically programmed to crave two things above all others, sugar, and fat. This is why Ice Cream is nature's most perfect food, err wait nature doesn't make Ice Cream, it's almost like scientists know what we are programmed to crave and they stuff it into everything we eat. Even though in excess those two things cause horrific side effects to our bodies. Why would they do that? And why is the song "Money" by Pink Floyd suddenly stuck in my mind? Wait I know why, because it is all about making money not nourishing our bodies.
Let's look at WHY we crave fats and sugars above all else. The simple answer is that fats and sugars deliver more calories to our bodies than any other food source. And from a survival standpoint calories mean survival. When spring is here we are supposed to eat all the fruit we can, grab that low hanging fruit, shoot the fat deer, and eat up while the eating is good, try to pack on those pounds for the hard cold winter that is to come. The only problem is that, for us at least, the winter never comes. We just keep enjoying the milk shakes, and burgers, the 73/27 Hamburger Helper, The Hot Pockets, Pot Pies, and pre seasoned Pork Roasts right off the shelf of our local Grocer.
Delicious and Viscous
And by local Grocer I mean Wal-Mart that gets the beef that is fed GM Corn to get it as fat as possible as quickly as possible right before slaughter. It's almost like the scientists and bankers got together to deliver to us the cheapest, most horrible food substitutes available so that they can get rich, and fat, and we can get fat on the cheap. Wait a minute, that is what is happening.
Let's look at the Vegan Diet for a moment, not because I think its terrible to kill animals for food, it's actually awesome and natural. When we hunt for animals that eat natural foods etc etc. But all that to the side, I have no qualms about eating meat, Milk is good and darn it all if Hamburger Helper hasn't figured out the right mix of chemicals to make a really appetizing version of Cheese Burger Macaroni!
That being said the Vegan diet is high in soluble fiber, cholesterol free, and low in saturated fats. Which by the way is a prescription for a heart healthy diet.
So how can the Vegan Diet cure my Type II Diabetes? Take a look at the above photo. Look at how full your stomach becomes just on veggies and fruits. When you compare this to just eating chicken. Now let's add some Fried chicken in there, all that oil delivers a massive payload of calories. And it takes so much more to give you that satisfied feeling. Following a Vegan diet allows you to feel full on far fewer calories that you are probably used to. If you couple the diet with a moderate amount of exercise, this caloric deficit will start to shed the pounds very very quickly. How much and how long it stays off is up to the individual.
Back to the Diabetes question. By regulating the blood sugar, and keeping it under tight control, the medications needed to keep it in balance can be drastically reduced, and for many Vegan practicers it can be eliminated.
An additional benefit is that by eating such a heart healthy diet, the risk of cardiovascular disease can be severely reduced, this is great news for Type II Diabetes sufferers since this is a common complication of the Disease.
I think the most exciting news is that by cutting out the crap in your diet, and introducing some of the good, you can CURE DISEASE. That seems like such a foreign concept to so many people. I think that the masses expect the Doc to give me that pill that will cure my disease, or maybe let's think about gastric bypass so I will only eat a small amount of my 73/27 Bacon Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper, this way I'll lose weight and I don't have to exercise. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul however and Mother Nature doesn't reward shortcuts.
Vegans: Punching Type II Diabetes in the FACE!
I think with an understanding of what a Vegan diet can do is key to even starting the endeavor. As always consult your doctor before starting a new diet but think about ignoring him if he says no, or at least seeking a second opinion possibly from a nutritionist. Good luck and Cure yourself of disease. That's like a superhero!

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