Monday, January 2, 2012

Many People Leaving Medical School Before Time Is Up, Settling For RN

With the populating rising, the need for hospitals and doctors is on the rise. College, medical school, then internships… Becoming a doctor can get pricy and drawn out. In the United States of America, you need a four-year Bachelor in Science degree from a college or university to get into any medical school. When in medical school, it takes four years to become what is considered a MD (Medical Doctor). This is what is considered a “general” doctor and you can now get a job at a doctors’ office or become what is known as a “family doctor.” Many people are dropping out of medical school after two years and becoming what is considered an RN (Registered Nurse). As an RN, you could get a job as a school nurse, a nurse at a local doctors’ office, or a hospital nurse. Since so many people are quitting after four years of college and two years of medical school (six years of schooling after high school), the amount of nurses is high, which means job opportunities are low. After taking loans for college and medical school, not being able to get a job is the last thing any new RN wants.

Becoming a medical doctor only takes two more years of medical school. If you are interested in becoming a specialized doctor, such as a pediatrician, it will take approximately three years of residency. The first year of residency is commonly known as “internship,” and you will basically be helping out other pediatricians and learning the way around. To become a specialized doctor, it will take approximately eleven years of schooling.

Only determined and special people can make it all the way to a specialized medical career. If you are considering becoming a doctor, consider the amount of schooling, costs, and determination it will take to enter the career. Many loans will have to be taken out, many late-night studying will have to be done, and the average age of becoming a doctor is around 29 years old.

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