Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons Needed In America

rich doctor with money
     A recent article put out by Yahoo News suggests that more doctors, nurses, and surgeons are needed in the United States. Even with the unemployment rates booming, many Americans are reluctant to go through medical schooling and the training necessary to become a doctor. Salaries for nurses can range up to $96,000 and salaries for doctors and surgeons can be up to $150,000. With the economy the way it is, why wouldn’t you jump ship and become a doctor? The answer is: it’s just not as easy as the government and universities put it.
      Medical school, four years of college, training, equipment, time… Lots of things go into wanting to become a doctor. I feel that universities and medical schools realize this hoping people give up. I feel that colleges like Florida State University sponsor programs in high schools, such as SSTRIDE, so more people can essentially go to FSU for free. What does this mean for Florida State? It looks good for them and it gets the college more students because of this program. I feel that these colleges are saying more medical jobs are needed, so younger students shoot for these high earning jobs.
      Is it that easy? Go through school, get the necessary training, and then get handed a job for $90,000? How many nurses do you know that have six-figure salaries? I feel that all universities and medical programs are doing is advertising… It takes a lot of work to become a doctor. It isn’t easy!

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